About Sean Dudas

fullsizeoutput_92Sean Dudas is a California native currently living in the San Francisco East Bay Area. In 2015, Sean suffered a moderate traumatic brain injury after a fall.  He has recently complete one full year of intensive inpatient and outpatient day treatment and rehabilitation.  Becoming unipolar in his devotion solely to recovery from brain injury, his emotional and personal exhaustion lead him to tend to both brain and heart through this blog.  This blog is devoted to the topic of traumatic and other acquired brain injuries. Many of us live as if our motion toward our goals and dreams give us purpose, passion, and identity.  But those with brain injuries can feel such change, disruption, and unpredictability during their new lives that they hardly even know themselves.   Sean feels the stages of his own recovery have come marred with torment, abandonment, isolation, and even neglect and reckless care for his safety and wellbeing.  This is not uncommon, as brain injuries are poorly recognized in many initial events of injury, are poorly understood, and disparate definitions and treatment guidelines leave families and patients in a frustrating fight to advocate, educate, and pay for available treatment. The recovery period is indeterminate for most all survivors, and requires enormous faith in the process of healing and the beautiful strength and growth of character this imposition of will inspires in people with brain injuries and just the same for their caregivers and supportive loved ones.  Many traumas affect many people from this single medical event and the cascade of aftereffects.  There is not enough research or resources to meaningfully change many of the difficulties unique to brain injury recovery.  For this reason, Sean began a brain injury health advocate group and program with a mission to particularize the profession of health advocate for brain injured clients – a less costly resource and management guide for those feeling lost or overwhelmed.  Sean hopes to   propose for adoption uniform rules of professional responsibility and ethics mandatory for health advocate professional associations.  In this way, a certified health advocate of a brain injured client or their caretakers may recruit a knowledgeable adjunct to the endless team of support necessary for complete support of each brain injured person, their caretakers, and their loved ones.  He hopes that this blog will continue educating and supporting survivors of brain injury, their caregivers, and anyone interested in this devastating medical event and sojourn into recovery, alongside the discovery of a new self and a meaningful life outside the treatment environment.  Finally, Sean intends to write his story, share his understanding, and commits to using art or writing to help clearly convey the sensations of every trauma endured along the way this far.  He invites you to practice self observance, and to use the linked resources, absorb the personal and experiential information, and perhaps on your own feel free to write or share any expression of honesty here for the benefit of us all.

Sean is active in supporting mental health and suicide crisis support, various manifestations of trauma in children and adults, and is a Doctor of Law with a focus on health and science law. He is also an athlete, poet, writer, humorist, and nature enthusiast.