Can We Spare a Moment Sharing About Traumatic Brain Injury? I Can Only Promise My Best.  I Can Only Ask the Same. 

This is the post excerpt.

This July marks one full year of brain injury rehabilitation for a moderate TBI suffered late 2015. Treatment professionals and doctors had a lot to say. They told me I wouldn’t walk, write, see, or talk the same – properly and safely; that I would never be the same person. I was told that I should give up on my dreams, because I would never be able to work again in any capacity close to prior functioning. From the start I had the encouragement and guidance of my best friend and life partner. She helped remind me who I am, and was one of the only people who stuck around to help, to love, and to remain loyal in my life. 

I am a fighter. I refuse limitation. I work to develop my mind and my heart during these couple years . Through this season of challenge, I lived in skilled nursing facilities, assisted rehab day programs, and brain injury outpatient services. Neurologists, neuro-endocrinologist, psychiatrist, speech, occupational therapy, cognitive rehabilitation therapy, physical therapy, education therapy, and the list goes on. I am nowhere near healed or back in action. But every day is a small shuffle towards progress, pride, and self empowerment. 

Never give up on yourself. Never give up on your dreams – dreams keep you alive, and nobody can take them from you. Nobody. 

Changing and challenges are inevitable for all of us. Do not only heal the wound, work always to develop both your heart and your body. It can be very difficult to get through life – all of us to know this, from time to time. So take the challenge as an opportunity to heal your wounds, relationships, and also to cultivate self compassion, acceptance, and belief in the myth and magic that life ceaselessly offers with every new dawn we wake to find. 
I love and respect you all. Good luck and stay strong, no matter what your story. 

-Sean Dudas

Author: tbihealing

Sean Dudas is a California native and remains active and interested in many corners of life. In November of 2015, Sean suffered a moderate traumatic brain injury from a fall; his life since has been solely devoted to the topic of this blog - TBI and other forms of acquired brain injury. With his passions and life as he imagined it to be on an indeterminate hold during his rehabilitation and recovery, he began this blog and a TBI health advocacy group. Through uniform rules of professional responsibility and ethics, he hopes the health advocate profession may be an affordable adjunct to the team needed by every brain injured person and those caring for them. He hopes that this blog will continue educating and supporting survivors of brain injury, their caregivers, and anyone interested in this devastating medical sojourn, alongside the discovery of a new self and a meaningful life outside the treatment environment. Sean is active in supporting mental health and suicide crisis support, various manifestations of trauma in children and adults, and is a Doctor of Law with a focus on health and science law. He is also an athlete, poet, writer, and nature enthusiast.

2 thoughts on “Can We Spare a Moment Sharing About Traumatic Brain Injury? I Can Only Promise My Best.  I Can Only Ask the Same. ”

  1. Keep fighting, Sean (my son’s name too). Thanks for the follows
    (though my family and close friends say it would be far more entertaining with a video-camera*!)
    Best wishes

    “I do not bewail what I have lost, because I am at peace with myself. I have fought a hard battle, given it my best, and won far more that I or anyone else ever thought I would. I ask only that other brain damaged people be given the chance to fight their battles too, and to find out for themselves what their unique potential is.”


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